Suppliers and Contracts

Suppliers and Contracts esembrat3 Wed, 01/14/2015 - 10:27

This section covers all aspects of having websites created or managed by someone outside of your Georgia Tech unit, such as hiring a consultant from another part of campus, or using an outside web development company.

Suppliers and Contracts Sub-Topics

Georgia Tech Web Contract

Georgia Tech Web Contract
esembrat3 Tue, 01/27/2015 - 09:54

For those considering hiring a third party for their website work, Georgia Tech has an enterprise-wide contract in place that allows you to quickly get estimates from a group of pre-approved vendors. 

In March 2020, the Institute finalized two enterprise-wide contracts for web projects:

  • One for projects less than $50K.
  • One for projects greater than $50K.

These contracts include a number of fully vetted vendors with a broad range of skillsets in owned digital. Every Georgia Tech unit seeking third-party website support must use a vendor from one of the enterprise-wide web contracts.

For more information, refer to: How to Hire a Website Vendor.

On-Campus Contract Work

On-Campus Contract Work
esembrat3 Tue, 01/27/2015 - 11:39

On-campus web developers can, in some cases, serve as contractors for on-campus web work

Important Notes

  • Please note that is strongly advised that you receive direct agreement from your supervisor and the hiring unit's leadership before beginning work. 
  • To simplify the process, the best practice is to complete this work outside of the employee's regular working hours. 

Employee Policy

5.3.2 Extra Compensation:

Extra compensation may be paid to employees for tasks performed after normal business hours for duties not included in the employee’s normal job responsibilities, provided the following three criteria are met:

  1. The tasks must be outside of the employee’s regular department.

  2. The Departmental Agreement Form, must be completed and signed by the appropriate department heads. Departmental Agreement Form

  3. The employee must meet at least one of the criteria listed below (Criteria from the Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section 45-10-25):

    • Chaplain
    • Fireman
    • Dentist
    • Certified Oral or Manual Interpreter for Deaf Persons
    • Registered Nurse
    • Licensed Practical Nurse
    • Psychologist
    • Teacher or Instructor of an evening or night course or program
    • Professional holding a doctoral or masters degree from an accredited college or university
    • Part-time employee

Also, an employee meeting all three criteria listed above may be paid extra compensation for a task for another department during normal job hours if the task is not part of the employee’s normal job responsibilities, and the employee takes annual leave for the portion of time that is being used for the task receiving extra compensation.

Employees that have been determined by the institution to be non-exempt, as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and are performing extra duties could qualify for overtime pay. Non-exempt employees should be paid at least the overtime rate or more.

Examples of situations justifying the payment of extra compensation are:

  • An employee teaching a continuing education course after hours or while taking annual leave, when teaching the course is not part of the employee’s normal job responsibilities.

    Note: This is allowable under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section 45-10-25, No. 15.

  • A part-time public safety officer working extra hours to referee a ball game.

    Note: Georgia Code 45-10-25 does not apply to part time employees.

  • A staff member with a masters degree doing web design for another department.

    Note: This is allowable if the required Departmental Agreement Form is completed and signed by the appropriate department heads.