Getting Started with WordPress

Getting Started with WordPress esembrat3

This page details all topics of guides for getting started with WordPress.

Getting Started Sub-Topics

Creating a Website with WordPress

Creating a Website with WordPress esembrat3

Creating a WordPress website has never been easier. This page details the best-practices for configuring your new WordPress website.

Steps For a Creating a Successful Website

WordPress may seem a little daunting at first, but following the steps below will help ease the development process of your new site.

1. Select a Theme

Select a Theme by going to 'Appearance -> Themes'. 

2. Customize Your Theme

Edit your theme settings by going to 'Appearance -> Customize'.

3. Create a Main Menu

Create a main menu by going to 'Appearance -> Menus' . The menu does not need to have any links on it yet, but defining the menu first will make selecting a theme a bit easier.

4. Enable Plugins

Next, enable plugins to add additional features and functionality to your website and the administrative backend. Plugins such as contact forms, polls, Google Maps integration, and more can be added. 

5. Add Users

Add or edit users to add additional content editors and users on your website.

6. Create Content

Now for the fun part of website design. Create pages, posts, and other custom content (like forms, maps, etc) and bring data to your website.

WordPress Log In / Authentication

WordPress Log In / Authentication

To log in to your WordPress website, follow the directions below.

Logging In

These steps are adapted from the WPMUDev website.

  • Navigate to the main page of your website (e.g. ).

  • Add wp-admin to the end of the URL and press enter ( e.g. ).

  • For sites hosted by Sites @ Georgia Tech (and some other WordPress sites hosted on departmental servers), you will be redirected to the Georgia Tech Login service.  For other sites on departmental services, you will be shown a standard login screen for WordPress.

    • If you are sent to the Georgia Tech Login service, enter your GT Account Username and password. 

  • You should be redirected to the WordPress Dashboard.