Select and Optimize Images for the Web

Select and Optimize Images for the Web

Use the following best practices below to ensure that your images are appropriate for your website, and optimized for the Web.


  • Used properly, images are powerful tools
  • Choose images that visually clarify the words on the page
  • Web users pay close attention to photos and other images that contain relevant information. They completely ignore non-information-carrying photos and graphics


  • Compress the file size of your photos as much as you can to make them download as quickly as possible. Remember, web users are impatient


  • Before you upload a picture to your website, name it clearly and accurately
  • Use keywords in your filename to help search engine rankings
  • If you upload an image, always type a description of the picture in the "Alternative Text" field. Alt text is simply a description of the picture that can be read by web visitors using screen readers. Having descriptions of your image will also help with search engine rankings, and is required by Georgia Tech's accessibility policy.