Add an Administrator to Your Web Hosting Control Panel


There are two user roles for OIT Web Hosting accounts: "owner" and "authorized user".

  • Owners are the people responsible for the website who make the key decisions about the site.  An owner is oftentimes not the technical manager of the site, but must be a full-time employee of Georgia Tech.

  • Authorized Users have most of the same privileges as owners, and can be anyone with a valid GT Account Username (including guest user accounts).

Keep in mind that OIT will reach out to the owner(s) first when there are issues with the website that need to be addressed, so make sure at least one of the owners is someone who can answer those questions and handle those requests.


To grant or revoke access for another person to access your OIT Web Hosting site's Plesk control panel, an owner of the site should do the following:

  1. Go to the OIT Web Hosting site ( in your web browser (available on-campus or via the VPN only!)

  2. Select the My Plesk Hosting button on the right-hand side of the main menu bar.

  3. After logging in, you should see your list of web hosting sites.  Locate the entry for the site in question and select the Manage button with the cogwheel icon next to it.

  4. On the next page, select the Edit tab to modify the web hosting site's configuration.

  5. Update the entries under the Manage Site Owners section and/or Manage Authorized Users section as needed, noting the following:

    • To add someone to a Web Hosting Account, that person must have logged into the OIT Web Hosting site at least once before you can add them to an account.

    • You must enter each person's GT Account Username (no other identifier will work).

    • Use the Add another item button to add extra blank spaces if needed.

    • To remove an existing administrator, just delete the person's GT Account from the given blank (you can re-use the blank for a different person if you wish.

    • On the Owners section:

      • The first field cannot be left blank.  If you need to remove that person, you'll need to move one of the other owners up so that there is a valid GT Account username in the first field.

      • If you have trouble adding someone as an owner, ask them log into the OIT Web Hosting site, which will refresh their account information on the site.  If you still have trouble adding that person as an owner, check their status in IAT or Mage to see if they are possibly missing the "full-time-employee" role.

  6. Don't forget to select the Save button at the bottom of the page.