Add an Administrator to Your Web Hosting Control Panel


Important: Only the Web Hosting site owner (and OIT) can add or remove Web Hosting site administrators, and only OIT can change a Web Hosting site's owner.


To allow or disallow another person access your OIT Web Hosting site's Plesk control panel, an owner of the site can do the following:

Visit , log in with your GT Account Username and Password if you aren't already logged in, and go to the Plesk Web Admin page.   Select the cogwheel icon link to the right of the hosting account you want to modify.

  1. Select the 'Edit' tab to modify the hosting site configuration.
  2. Update the entries in the Administrator's Primary GT Account section, noting the following:
    1. Administrators must be added by way of their GT Account Username.
    2. Use the 'Add another item' button to add extra blank spaces if needed.
    3. To remove an existing administrator, just delete the person's GT Account from the given blank (you can re-use the blank for a different person if you wish.
  3. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Owners (at least, some owners) can now update the owner information.  The process works exactly the same as it does for updating administrators.  If you have this access, make sure to keep your site's owner information current to maintain your site's security and allow OIT to contact the right people if any problems should come up.