AMAC (On Campus Accessibility Organization)


AMAC is a Georgia Tech entity operated by the College of Architecture that provides accessibility support to the entire University System of Georgia. However, its services are also made available to entities outside of the university system on a subscription basis.

They can help with any accessibility compliance concerns you or your faculty might have.

Using AMAC

Each campus department/unit that wants to use AMAC services has to become a 'member' of AMAC.

The person to talk with is Kimberly Allen (, who can help a department/unit get enrolled as an AMAC members.

Registration Point of Contacts

Per AMAC's request:

[AMAC recommends] that each school create an account to manage the budget manipulations in order to receive payment for services that we render. Then the school can let [Kimberly Allen] know who needs access to order when the membership application in completed.

Registration Process

To register, follow the directions below:

  • Open a web browser and navigate to the AMAC Join page.
  • Fill out the Become a Member form, choose your membership type ( Georgia Board of Regents Post - Secondary) and select Next to view the agreement.
  • Select the check boxes at the bottom, (print for your records) and electronically sign the membership agreement when you submit.
  • AMAC will contact you with login credentials to the ordering system.


Georgia Tech / USG pricing for transcription and captioning services from AMAC:

  • Transcript only: $1.40/min.
  • Captions only (transcript provided by requester): $1.20/min.
  • Transcript and captions: $2.60/min.

Captioning & Transcription Questions

Please forward all captioning and transcription questions for AMAC to their Captioning Services team ( ).