Atlanta User Groups

This page details a few of the largest user groups here in Atlanta.

Atlanta Web Design Group

The Atlanta Web Design Group (AWDG) is for anyone who makes Websites. Markup, style, code, typography, SEO, e-commerce, Web apps, and social networking are all valid topics here. We aim to provide a place for Web professionals to meet new people, exchange ideas, learn new things, and have a little fun. We have several events each month: one for learning, and happy hours all over the metro area for socializing.

Build Guild Atlanta

Build Guild Atlanta is a monthly gathering for web folks that enjoy chatting over drinks. High-fives encouraged.Mustaches optional. Monthly meetings happen at Joystick Gamebar.

Atlanta Drupal User's Group

The Atlanta Drupal User's Group (ADUG) is interested in building and strengthening the Drupal Community. Discuss new and exciting Drupal-related news - or just socialize with like-minded people!

Atlanta PHP User Group

The Atlanta PHP User Group is the Southeast's premier PHP community. We are dedicated to building up the PHP community, providing networking opportunities, and developing the skills of our members.

Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group

The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group allows developers to meet other local JavaScripters to share knowledge, to review the state of the art, or to dream up new applications.

Atlanta NodeJS Developers

The Atlanta NodeJS Developers group focuses on learning node js through a practical approach. We will have keynote introductions of meetings, followed by discussions, and then hacking/development sessions where we will learn to rapidly build applications. While we may have the occasional outside expert speaker, our goals are to promote knowledge and gain experience in this new technology by work from members within the group.

We will have a heavy focus on mobile computing devices and other smart devices like TVs with less focus on plain desktop pc.

Atlanta WordPress User's Group

The Atlanta WordPress User's Group is the oldest and largest Atlanta WordPress Meetup.

It is usually held in the evening, on the 4th Wednesday of each month, in Inman Park near Downtown, Atlanta.

We have one or two presentations depending on the degree of complexity of the topic. The presentations are designed for beginners and/or intermediates to learn to build, customize,and maintain WordPress websites.