Comparisson of Content Management Systems

Content Management System Site Types? Georgia Tech Theme Available? Mercury News/Events Support? Support Available Pros Cons
  • Public

  • Intranet

Yes Yes Campus Community Users Group
  • Very Extensible

  • Technically Challenging to Set Up

  • Requires a Dedicated Web Developer to Maintain

WordPress (Sites @ Georgia Tech)
  • Public

  • Intranet

Yes Not Yet 24/7 Helpdesk via CampusPress
  • Wide Array of Plugins for Extra Features

  • New Plugins and Themes Cannot be Easily Added (must go through OIT)

  • Intranet Only

No No OIT (Limited)
  • Integration with Teams, OneDrive, Etc.
  • Confusing and Awkward Interfaces
Other Content Systems
  • Public

  • Intranet

No No None
  • Depends on System
  • No On-Campus Support

  • You're Completely On Your Own