Custom Domains in PWP

Any website on Professional Web Presence (PWP) can have a custom domain. A custom domain is a URL not structured as[sitename].


Custom domains are not required. You can set up the PWP website first, then add the custom domain later.

For off-campus non-Georgia Tech domains, special considerations must be followed.

Technical Details

A few considerations for using a custom domain:

  • The DNS records should (preferably) be cnames for
  • You can also certainly use domains, provided that OIT grants this domain to you.

Obtaining a Custom Domain

Note that this only applies for on-campus (* domains.

To obtain a custom domain, you must:

  1. Make the request directly to and just tell them you want as a cname for
  2. After receiving the domain change from OIT, email the PWP administrators ( ) with the custom domain so the custom domain can be enabled on PWP.

Setting WordPress Custom Domain

In lieu of step 2 above, an admin of a PWP site can add their new domain to their website by:

  1. Logging in to the admin interface.
  2. From admin, select "Tools -> Domain Mapping".
  3. Place the new domain in the text box and click Save.

Domain Configuration Resources

Courtesy of the Domain Mapping plugin utilized for this feature:

Your users should go to Tools->Domain Mapping where they can add or delete domains. One domain must be set as the primary domain for the blog. When mapping a domain, (like '') your users must create an A record in their DNS pointing at that IP address. They should use multiple A records if your server uses more than one IP address. If your user is mapping a hostname of a domain (sometimes called a "subdomain") like or it's sufficient to create a CNAME record pointing at their blog url (NOT IP address).