Custom Domains in PWP

By default, your Professional Web Presence (PWP) website will be accessible through a URL like so:

However, any PWP website on can be set up with a custom domain name.  Please read our guide to custom domain names for a full explanation of the options available to you.


Custom domain names are not required for PWP websites, and you can add a custom domain later on after you have built out your website.

Due to Institute policy changes, Professional Web Presence will no longer support support the use of outside domain names on PWP sites (names that do not end with "").  Existing outside domain name assignments will be left in place for a limited time, but those site owners will be asked to eventually move their sites elsewhere or switch to a "" domain name.

Obtaining a Custom Domain Name

Please see the Domain Name Guide for terminology definitions.

We highly recommend that you use a custom sub-domain name within the department that is most closely associated with your website and/or your employment at Georgia Tech.  It is usually quicker and easier to obtain this kind of domain name, which looks like, where "subunit" is most any name except "www" (which is reserved as an alias for the unit's top-level domain).

If your website is for a major unit of Georgia Tech or a very high-level project or activity/event, then you can request a custom top-level domain name, but these requests have to be approved by Institute Communications, and this approval process may take a while.  So, you should consider using a sub-domain name (see the previous section) if one could work well enough for your website.

Instructions for requesting sub-domains and top-level domains are provided below.

Request a Custom Georgia Tech Sub-Domain Name

To obtain a custom sub-domain, submit the following message to your local IT support through their standard support channel, replacing "subunit.something" with the actual name that you want:


I would like to request the subdomain be created as a CNAME for  Please let me know when this subdomain has been added to campus DNS.

Thank you,

Your Name Here

Once your local IT support has notified you that they have set up your subdomain name, submit a new custom domain assignment request to the PWP administrators ( ). Be sure to include both the custom domain name you had created and the current URL for your PWP website.

Warning! Do not request a custom domain assignment request until you have received confirmation that your new (sub-domain name) has been added to the campus DNS system.  The PWP staff cannot assign the name to your site before it is in DNS, as doing so would completely lock you out of your site until DNS is properly updated.

Request a Custom Georgia Tech Top-Level Domain Name

To obtain a custom top-level domain, you must submit the following message directly to, replacing "something" with the actual name that you want:

Subject:  Request for New DNS CNAME


I would like to request the custom domain name be created as a CNAME for The purpose of this domain name is for a new website to represent [insert here a description of your major unit or high level project, activity, or event].

Please assign this request to OIT DNS team for setting up the CNAME and have them route to the "Professional Web Presence" service area after the CNAME is in place.

Thank you,

Your Name Here

After receiving notice from that your domain name has been added to the campus DNS system and assigned to your PWP website, you should be all set.