Georgia Tech-only access to Qualtrics survey


Qualtrics allows for a form to be locked to only Georgia Tech user access.

To enable this, follow the directions below.

Enable Georgia Tech login

  1. Navigate to Qualtrics and edit a survey.
  2. Under Survey Flow, select 'Add a New Element Here' and select Authenticator.
    • Authentication type: SSO
    • Check 'Capture respondent identifying info'.
      • Configure userid to 'username'.
    • SSO type: CAS
      • Hostname:
      • Port: 443
      • URI: cas

SSO settings panel with options for Georgia Tech user accounts, screenshot

Click Test CAS Connection to test the configuration values.

Configure Survey Actions

Next, configure the survey access permissions.

  1. Navigate to Qualtrics and edit a survey.
  2. Click Survey Options.
  3. Select how you would like access to the survey:
    • Open Access: Any Georgia Tech user account can access and complete the survey if they have the submission URL.
    • By Invitation Only: Only invited Georgia Tech user accounts can submit a survey response.
  4. Click Save to save changes.

Survey settings dialog, screenshot