Georgia Tech Web Design Contract


This page details the Georgia Tech Web Design Contract that was active as of January 2015.  The contract expired as of January 2018, so all web development purchases now go through the standard purchasing channels.  This means that you can select any vendor that you feel will meet your needs, but you will have to go through the full approval process, which will take longer than it did when the Web Design Contract was in place and you used a vendor listed on that contract.

What is the Georgia Tech Web Design Contract?

The Georgia Tech Web Design Contract allows units on campus to request and receive web design and development work through pre-approved suppliers without having to go through the usual RFP process for selecting and working with a supplier. This allows for campus web projects to be initiated faster and to work with suppliers that understand Georgia Tech's web infrastructure, platforms, and restrictions.

Georgia Tech Web Design Documents & Updates

The Georgia Tech Campus Web Suppliers website houses documentation, updates, and details for both on-campus units and off-campus pre-approved web suppliers.

Web Design Contract Sub-Topics