How to Request a Web Hosting Space from OIT

Overview of the Process

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Log in, using your GT account and password (e.g. "gburdell1").
  3. In the grey horizontal section, select the Request a site on Plesk link, which will take you to a request form.
  4. Fill in the requested information that is needed to set up your site.
  5. Check the boxes that acknowledge you have read/understood both the relevant policies AND that OIT does NOT offer support for installing or maintaining your website.
  6. Select the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
  7. These requests will take up to 72 hours to complete. You will receive an email once the site has been set up.

Below is a detailed explanation of the sections of this request form.

Requestor Information

This is you. Happily, this is already filled out for you!

Web Site Information

  • Preferred Domain Name:  Enter the top-level domain name that you want.  Don't enter any development or testing related prefixes onto the name (e.g.,, or  If you need separate sites for development, testing and production, enter those details in the "DNS setup" box, as described below.  For details about how domain aliases work best on OIT's web hosting, read this helpful FAQ about requesting Dev, Test & Production environments.
  • Notification Email Address for Website:  This is where all system generated notifications about the hosting account (e.g. SSH password has expired) will be sent.  You can enter a comma separated list of addresses, or the address of a mailing list that you have set up for the account.  NOTE: OIT Hosting no longer automatically sets up a dedicated administrator mailing list for new hosting accounts - you have to make/request such a list yourself if you want one. 
  • Student Organization:  Check this box only if you are setting up this site for a student organization as defined in this section of the request form.  If checked, your site will be put on a special web server dedicated to student organization sites.
  • DNS should be setup when created:  In most cases, you'll want to check this box.  Only leave unchecked if you (or your unit's IT manager) have access to the campus DNS for the domain in which your requested Domain Name is located, and you plan to setup your requested Domain Name in DNS yourself.
  • I am building a Drupal Express website:  Checking this box will pre-populate your hosting account with a fresh build of the Drupal environment distribution known as Drupal Express.  This will give you a jump start on building a Drupal based website by installing Drupal plus a number of standard add-on components, such as the official Georgia Tech website theme.
  • Preferred Host Server:  If you have any existing hosting accounts and would like the new account on the same server as one of them, select the server you would prefer.  This can be helpful if you really need to have two accounts access the same database (though this is not recommended and should be avoided with any new site development.)  Please note there is no guarantee that your account will be put on the server you select.

Policy Compliance

This is all of the legal fine print.  Be sure to read the linked policies and make sure you understand it before checking these boxes and submitting your request.