Role Agnostic


Drupal is a very popular Content Management System that is the preferred system for Georgia Tech unit websites.

The Georgia Tech Drupal Users Group provides a wiki-style website with informational guides and articles about Drupal usage.  Please refer to their website if you need more information about Drupal at Georgia Tech.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

New data privacy regulations in the European Union (EU) will effect the work of companies and organizations around the world — including Georgia Tech.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulations (EU GDPR) become enforceable Friday, May 25. The chief focus of these regulations is to protect the collection, use, and transmission of personal data of people while they are physically within the EU.


The 1194.22(m).1 section relates to applet, plugin, or application boilerplate text present before file uploads of specific types. 

This includes content such as Adobe PDFs, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.

Footer Link

Websites can meet this requirement by placing a link in the footer of the page linking to a single page highlighting the accessible readers for files on the website.