Role Agnostic

A Guide to Domain Names

Every website needs a domain name to identify it (e.g., but not all domain names are equal.  The following attempts to demystify domain names and help you select the best name for your new website.

Georgia Tech Domain Names

Georgia tech owns the entire * domain space, and so you can request names within this space at no charge to your unit.  However, there are differences in names, and new rules coming into effect that you need to consider.

Unit Managed Web Servers

Some Georgia Tech units may offer locally managed web servers for hosting locally managed websites and web applications – check with your unit's information technology support staff to see what is available to your unit.  A stand-alone web server can be useful for larger web applications that need more resources than a shared hosting account (such as an OIT Web Hosting account) can offer.  In virtually all cases, however, you would not need a stand-alone web server for any standard content management system like Drupal or WordPress.

Securing WordPress

Anyone who is running their own instances of WordPress that they fully administer themselves (this doesn't include people maintaining sites on Professional Web Presence), should make sure they are running a comprehensive security plugin like WordFence to monitor and protect their WordPress instance from cyber attacks. WordPress sites are popular attack vectors, especially ones that rank well in the major search engines.