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Connecting to GitHub Enterprise (command-line)

Unlike regular GitHub, connecting to GitHub Enterprise requires a few additional steps, as GitHub Enterprise at Georgia Tech is not publicly accessible.

Please note that it is easy to connect to GitHub Enterprise via GitHub Desktop, which natively supports enterprise installs like GitHub Enterprise at Georgia Tech.

To facilitate access to a repository in GitHub Enterprise at Georgia Tech, follow the directions below.

PWP Domain Request (Subunit) Procedure

The process below outlines the creation of a sub-unit subdomain for Georgia Tech's PWP service. Sub-unit domains take the form of

Step 1. Request Sub-Domain Creation through Unit CSR/IT Support

To obtain a custom sub-domain, submit the following message to your local department, school, unit IT or CSR support through their standard support channel.

Please replace "subunit.something" with the actual name that you want:



Drupal is a very popular Content Management System that is the preferred system for Georgia Tech unit websites.

The Georgia Tech Drupal Users Group provides a wiki-style website with informational guides and articles about Drupal usage.  Please refer to their website if you need more information about Drupal at Georgia Tech.