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A Layman's Guide to Working With a Website Developer

Once you have selected a developer or development company to rebuild your unit's website, you'll need to give them access to your existing website and in many cases a development workspace.  The information below will help guide you through this process.  Note: if you are using a student developer or hiring a tech temp, then you can skip the parts about setting up a GT Account Username, as these individuals will have their own GT Account username.  Simply have them tell you what their GT Account username is and follow the instructions for adding it to the appropriate web hosting services an

Sites @ Georgia Tech

Sites @ Georgia Tech is a Georgia Tech service for WordPress websites.  It is available for any Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and student. With Sites @ Georgia Tech you can quickly and easily create web sites for research, publications and projects, blogs, initiatives, conferences, and so much more.

Here are some example of websites you can create with us!