How Do I Export My PWP Site?

If you are leaving Georgia Tech or otherwise want to move your Professional Web Presence (PWP) site from PWP to another instance of WordPress, just follow these instructions:

Exporting PWP website

  1. Log into your PWP website and go to the administrative dashboard
  2. Look for Tools on the left-hand administrative menu column. Select it and then look under it for Export
  3. In most cases, just accept the default option of "All content" and select the Download Export File button at the bottom of the Export page. Please note that the larger your site, the longer it will take for the export file to be generated.
  4. On your new WordPress instance, select Import under Tools on the administrative menu column.
  5. Look for the WordPress importer at the bottom of the importer list (NOTE: you'll likely have to install the importer if you've never used it before on this instance of WordPress - If you see an Install Now link given for the importer, just follow it and then return to the Import page after installation is finished.
  6. On the next page (Import WordPress), use interface provided to select the export file you created in step number three (3), and then select the Upload file and import button.


Please note that while most regular posts and pages will transfer seamlessly, some special content types may not transfer. For best results, check your PWP site's active plugin list, and make sure all of those plugins are installed and enabled on your new instance of WordPress before trying to import your site into it. Theme-specific configurations, widget settings and configurations cannot be exported.