SharePoint / Teams


Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint is the intranet content management system provided by Georgia Tech's campus Office365 subscription.  It lets you share with a defined group of people a set of basic web pages, files, calendar entries, and more.  You can access SharePoint by logging into Office 365, then selecting the icon in the upper-right-hand corner, often described as the "waffle" icon. Help and documentation about SharePoint can be found inside the application itself, and also in the OIT Frequently Asked Questions site.

Public websites through SharePoint are no longer available, as Microsoft has discontinued this service.  You can still use SharePoint to create intranet (internal) sites, but you can only make them available at most to all Georgia Tech Office 365 users (not the general public).

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams are built on the same foundations as SharePoint, and creating a team gives your group access to all of SharePoint's features. In addition, a Team offers collaborative tools, such as a live chat area with message history and multiple channels, and a task organizer. Beyond the built in tools, Teams allows a variety of third-party tools to be added to a team to offer more functionality.  Note: not all third-party tools for Teams are free; team owners are responsible for the costs of any non-free tools added to a Team.

Like SharePoint, Teams are for intranet (internal) purposes only. You cannot add anyone from outside of the Georgia Tech community to a Microsoft Team.