Site Administrators

Sharing Administrative Access to a PWP Site

PWP accounts are all handled through your GT Account usernames and passwords (sites do not have a local administrative user account like traditional stand-alone WordPress sites will have).

The person who creates a PWP site will automatically have administrative access, and can also add other Georgia Tech users with various levels of access. 

To add a new user

To add a new user to your PWP website, complete the following:

Accessibility Compliance Tips

This page details tips and best practices for specified accessibility standards for usage on our webpages across campus. 

Please note that you should always check to make sure your content is applicable to the specified changes before incorporating changes below. Don't hesitate to ask a web developer if you have any questions about a remediation effort or an accessibility issue on a website.

Enabling and Using SSL on OIT Web Hosting

SSL encryption is highly recommended for websites these days, not just because it makes user interactions with your site more secure, but also because the major browser manufacturers are starting to mark all non-SSL encrypted sites with some kind of red symbol (red padlock, red 'X' through a padlock, etc.) to better warn users not to enter sensitive information into these sites.  So, from a marketing standpoint, it's going to make your site look more professional if you turn on SSL encryption, which will keep those red warning symbols from showing.