Site Administrators

Managing SSH Access to an OIT Web Hosting Account

OIT Web Hosting accounts can be accessed remotely via a protocol called SSH, which gives you a command line style interface to the hosting account.  From there, a knowledgable person such as a web developer can manipulate the files on the website, changing settings and configuration and even writing and debugging code to some extent.  (The SSH interface on OIT Web Hosting is somewhat limited in its capabilities, so it's not recommended that anyone actually attempt to develop code using it, but technically this is possible.)

Site Development / Management Server Options

Whether you are building sites from scratch or helping to maintain a production site, you are going to need some place to do your development work and test updates that need to be rolled out to your sites.  You may even want to implement a pipeline process where you have development, test, and production versions of your sites.

What follows is a brief discussion of development server options