Video Captioning and Audio Transcription Services


These systems and services deal with transcription of audio content and captioning of video content, per Georgia Tech's requirements.

The groups, services, and providers below have worked with Georgia Tech previously or currently on transcription and captioning services.


The company has supplied a 3PlayMedia case study on captioning and transcription services with the Georgia Tech Distance Learning.

Center for Inclusive Design & Innovation

Center for Inclusive Design & Innovation is a Georgia Tech entity operated by the College of Design that provides accessibility support to the entire University System of Georgia. However, its services are also made available to entities outside of the university system on a subscription basis. More information is available on CIDI captioning and transcription services.

ACS (formerly Educaption)

Recommended by the Institute Communications Special Event Planning team. For more information, contact Carmin Beardsley, Operations Manager. Phone: (800) 335-0911, ext 703. Email: has been utilized for video transcription and captioning and provides a pricing sheet on their How It Works page.


More information to be provided in the future.

WReally Transcribe

More information to be provided in the future.


YouTube can add transcripts and captions to each video. However, you should never use just the automated captioning service for video. For most audio, it is unusable and produces incorrect results.

YouTube provides a guide to creating transcriptions and captions to YouTube videos. You can add captions in three different ways:

  • Create new subtitles and captions from scratch.
  • Transcribe the video on the fly.
  • Import a text document with the transcript or captions.