Web Hosting Solutions

There are a number of options available to you for hosting a website at Georgia Tech, including:

The general rule of thumb for selecting a web hosting solution is to go with the solution that is the closest fit to the size and nature of your website.  Specifically:

  • Try to use Professional Web Presence for any WordPress needs, rather than set up your own copy of WordPress in OIT hosting or on a unit managed web server.  Once you set up a separate copy of WordPress, you then have to make sure it is getting all needed security and bug fixing patches.
  • Try to use OIT Web Hosting for any Drupal needs, as OIT hosting provides Installatron, which can handle Drupal security and bug fix patches for you.  If you run Drupal on a unit managed server, you will likely have to handle all of these patches yourself by hand.
  • Only request a unit managed web server (or an OIT virtual machine, which will be charged back to your unit) for a non-standard web application that won't run properly on OIT Web Hosting.

Web Hosting Sub-Topics