College Website Information Architecture Template


The College IA is designed to put your college’s work – academic offerings and research – at the forefront of the website.

Adopting this structure will help ensure a cohesive, unified experience across Georgia Tech academic sites. Users who visit multiple sites, such as students comparing degree programs, will have an easier time finding information.

A streamlined, easy-to-navigate site will also make a positive impression upon prospective students, faculty, and the larger community.


Below is a guideline for a college website’s main menu

You are not required to use menu categories that do not apply to your college, and you may have categories that are unique to your college. For consistency-sake, however, it is recommended that you, at minimum, begin the main menu with “About,” and end with “News and Events.” Limit your menu to seven categories or fewer.



Purpose: To provide background about your college and logistical information

Examples of what to include: Letter/welcome from a dean/chair, general department contact information, buildings & facilities, directions, job opportunities, history.



Purpose: To highlight your academic programs.

Examples of what to include: Information about undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc programs, secondary concentrations, program requirements, classes, admission.



Purpose: To highlight the schools within your college.

Examples of what to include: A high level overview of your schools and links to their websites.



Purpose: To highlight the latest research taking place in your college.

Examples of what to include: Highlights of faculty research, overviews of your department’s main research areas, publications, news related to research, cross-university collaborations, and research initiatives or partnerships.

What not to include: Items that are intended only for an internal audience, such as paperwork for research administration or safety procedures; this information should be included in resources.


News and Events

Purpose: To showcase what’s happening now in your department, announcements, and upcoming events.