A Quick Guide to Resources for Webmasters

Welcome to the online resource center for web developers at Georgia Tech!

This site is targeted towards anyone at Georgia Tech who builds or supports the websites of a campus unit.  However, anyone on campus (or beyond) is welcome to browse our knowledge base, where we strive to archive how-to guides, tips, tricks, and other resources for the Georgia Tech web development community.

The twelve step guide below will give you quick access to many popular topics, but you can also browse the knowledge base directly, and if you are a Georgia Tech community member, you can add and update knowledge base pages as well.  Be sure to check the Web channel of the Internet of People team in Microsoft Teams for announcements and discussions of web on campus.

The Twelve Step Guide to Georgia Tech Website Development

  1. Understand Campus Policies
    1. Accessibility Policy / Accessibility Resources
    2. Branding Policy
  2. Create a Design and Development Strategy
    1. Content Strategy and Website Planning Guide
    2. Revisioning and Code Management (GitHub)
  3. Identify Development Resources
    1. Local Unit IT Resources
    2. Student Employees
    3. On-Campus Employees Outside Your Unit
    4. Outside Development Companies
  4. Select Your Web Hosting
    1. How to Select Your Web Hosting
    2. OIT Web Hosting (Drupal, Drupal Express, WordPress, Etc.)
    3. Sites @ Georgia Tech (WordPress)
    4. Unit Managed Web Server
    5. Outside Web Hosting (Not Recommended)
    6. A Guide to Domain Names
  5. Select Your Content Management System
    1. Drupal
    2. WordPress
    3. SharePoint and Teams (Intranet sites only)
  6. Visual Theming / Branding
    1. Georgia Tech Website Branding Rules
    2. Official Drupal Theme Package
    3. HTML/CSS Templates for Custom Implementations
  7. Data Integration
    1. Georgia Tech Mercury News and Events System
    2. LDAP Integration
    3. Sensitive Data Considerations
  8. Remote Service Integration
    1. Google (Search, Analytics, etc.)
    2. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  9. Recommended Tools and Services
    1. Conference Website Solutions
    2. Forms and Surveys
    3. Short URLs with Georgia Tech bit.ly
    4. Video Captioning and Audio Transcription
  10. Security
    1. Enable CAS Authentication (Drupal CAS Module / Custom PHP Code)
    2. Enable SSL Encryption (OIT Web Hosting / Other Web Servers)
    3. General Best Practices
  11. Content
    1. Accessibility
    2. Content Strategy and Website Planning Guide
  12. Expand Your Knowledge
    1. On-Campus Training Sessions
    2. Conferences and User Groups