PWP Custom Non-Georgia Tech Domains


Please note that the instructions on this page only apply to PWP siteowners who are using a custom domain such as {domain}.com. 

This does not apply to any custom domain containing

Custom Non-Georgia Tech Domains

In order to use your non-Georgia Tech custom domain, you must authorize your new domain with OIT to use the Georgia Tech login service.

Without completing this, a custom non-Georgia Tech domain will not be able to authenticate through Georgia Tech login, and you will be locked out of your PWP website.

Authentication Process

To authorize your custom non-Georgia Tech domain to work on PWP, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the Identity Management Access Request Form with OIT.
  2. For 'Requestor Information', please complete all fields with your personal information.

  3. For 'Form Type', please mark "Guided Form".

  4. For 'Background Information', leave this section blank.

  5. For 'Application Information', provide the following:

    1. "What is the name of your application?" - Put website URL here

    2. Fill in the other fields as best as you can -- explain how the website at the address is connected to official Georgia Tech business and why it needs to be at a address

  6. For 'Authentication Information', select "CAS (".

  7. For 'Data Request', leave this section blank.

  8. For 'Account Setup Process', leave this section blank.

  9. Submit the form. You'll receive a response from OIT when the process is complete.

Once OIT approves the form submission, your custom non-Georgia Tech domain will be available for usage on PWP.